• Motorcycle Unit

    IQ Security has a motorcycle unit to be able to act more quickly and move more easily in traffic.
    Our bikes are equipped with all the advanced technologies like our cars (real time tracking, onboard camera, searchlight, communication tools, …)

    Motorcycle Unit
  • Alarm intervention

    Leave your home or your business in peace. In case of alarm, IQ Security will send the nearest mobile patrol to take a look and take care of any problem or burglary attempt.

    Alarm intervention
  • Key management

    IQ Security handles your keys very strictly and professionally. Where ever you are, with our key management, we will do all the arrangements to secure your house or business and spare you all the little troubles.

    Key management
  • Patrol agent

    We are proposing security patrol agents by night and by day. They have a preventive effect. When he makes his tour, our agent will make sure that no attempt of burglary have been made, he will check all the entrance and exit points (windows, doors, gates,…).

    Patrol agent

Alarm intervention or preventive patrols, our experience in those areas are rich and long.

A robbery or a problem on your alarm system often happen when you are not home. IQ Security takes care of everything for you and let you continue doing whatever you were doing.

Our patrols cars are fully equipped and highly visible, as well as our agents. They are all equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment to provide traceability to our customers and be at the forefront of technology.

IQ Security provides unique solutions to protect your construction sites. More attempt of stealing occur during the construction phase or renovation. IQ Security innovates with new measures specifically designed for this kind of sites.


Since we signed a contract for alarm intervention with IQ Security, we travel with confidence knowing that whatever happens, professionals will take care of everything...–Monsieur V., Waterloo

We were looking for a young and dynamic company that could adapt to our needs. Now, closing and opening our offices is with less false alarms and unnecessary stress, thank to IQ Security. –Monsieur S. société Profuma

All the security missions are assigned to IQ Security since I found their level of professionalism and attention to details. As often I'm busy working, IQ Security provides me the peace of mind I need to do my job.–Madame Peeters, indépendante